Back to Back REVIVALS in Europe – June 2017

This summer has been WILD! In June I had the privilege to fly to Europe not once but TWICE across the pond. The first trip I preached in Bucharest, ROMANIA at a city wide outreach on the grounds of the beautiful convention center. I absolutely love the Romanian people and we had just shy of ONE HUNDRED professions of faith and over two dozen baptized on the spot. My dear friend, Pastor Cornel Illoi translated for me and we have been friends for several years and consider him one of my dearest friends.  The Lord had me preach on Hell coupled with the grace of God and over a dozen pastors came weeping sharing that they lost sight of lost souls and said that message both convicted them and game changer. Glory to God!  They have invited me to return and praise the Lord for the privilege to preach the Gospel and partner with the local church.

After flying home I drove non stop from Dulles Airport in Virginia to Georgetown, Delaware and despite six hour internal time clock difference arrived at midnight only to preach to 300 community leaders and clergy at the Sussex County Prayer Breakfast. God met with us and several politicians were in attendance and we had several salvations (at a prayer breakfast)! Immediately drove back to Maryland and very next day my bride and I drove north to Philadelphia and board a Boeing 747 to Paris, France to minister alongside our dear friends, Mike and Lisa Niefert. Their precious pastor, Bill Breon of Immanuel Church in Wilmington, DE helped make it possible for us to serve. I love that church and those precious people!  God gave strength and I must admit that spiritual warfare was through the roof but sometimes you have to be temporarily hit by Hell to make an eternal IMPACT for Heaven. We were fortunate to encourage local clergy and Christian leaders and discuss a future city wide evangelistic outreach in Paris and then the team ministered both Saturday and Sunday. Following my message on Sunday the ENTIRE altar was full with the congregation lined up praying for God to use them to reach France before it is too late with the glorious Gospel. We even had honor to lead a Muslim couple to Christ!

After the second flight from Europe I was blessed to fly back to Boston and then traveled to New Hampshire to preach Friday-Sunday at their annual Family Camp. The camp and conference center is over 120 years old and what an honor to preach in the same tabernacle as Dr Billy Graham, Vance Havner, Dr Charles Stanley, John MacArthur and others in the past. God met with us and the Lord was on the scene. What a double treat to meet and tag team minister with former Major League Baseball player Bernie Carbo. He played for several teams but is known the hitting one of the greatest hits in World Series history when he smashed a three run homer in a bottom of the eighth for the Boston Red Sox to go on to win in extra innings in 1975. That brother LOVES Jesus and we spent two days together I encourage all to learn more about Bernie and his exciting ministry. He has invited me to attend and speak at his Fantasy Camp next year at the Hank Aaron Stadium in Alabama!


The following weekend I returned to the First State and preached at White Clay Creek Presbyterian in Newark, Delaware in a 295 year old church. God met with us and we had FOURTEEN professions of faith in Christ. I have learned regardless of the venue or vicinity that JESUS still SAVES! So thankful for various opportunities to preach and build the Kingdom of God and help uniting the Church. God is coming soon for a Bride without spot or blemish and it is high time we cease throwing rocks at each other despite our differences and start coming together for the cause of Christ. The Bible says, “When I (Jesus) be lifted up I will draw all men unto Me” and “people will know we are His by our love for one another.”

The month of July has been a blessing and last week I returned and preach for my friend, Pastor Donnie Hatcher @ Renovate Life Church in Gambrills, Maryland. They meet in an IMAX theater at the Regal Stadium Cinemas and Jesus was on the BIG SCREEN! We had a 75 year old first time visitor and she gave her heart to Christ. Praise the Lord! Next week, I have the honor to preach two nights at Carey’s Camp on the Eastern Shore on Delaware/Maryland line. They anticipate several hundred campers and it has been going on for a century. It is hosted by the United Methodist and various folks will be in attendance. Next week on July 27 is super special because it will mark exactly ten years to the day that I left my Capitol Hill job “BY FAITH” to preach the Gospel. Without a single booking lined up to minister the Lord sure has been beyond faithful. We give Him all the glory and thank you all for your prayers, encouragement, invites to speak in your community and gracious donations. The Lord uses people to bless people in His Name. #ThankYou

Just in last week I have been invited to fly to California in upcoming meetings in August and September. Always a treat to return to the West Coast and God is doing some exciting things. It was super earlier in May to be invited to have a meeting with 2x Super Bowl MVP Ray Lewis formerly of Baltimore Ravens in his home. We are working on a project together and more details coming soon. Please know you are in our prayers and I appreciate your prayers more than ever. We are trying to honor Christ and point as many people to Him before time is running out. I am so thankful He uses imperfect people to promote His perfect Son. The worse sinners often become the best saints and remember the reason your rear view mirror is smaller than your windshield is because where you are going with God is more important than were you have been with Satan.




About the Author:

Part author, comedian & visionary but FULL communicator of Biblical Truth, Frank Shelton travels the globe pointing people to a personal relationship with Jesus. He shares HUMOR, celebrity impressions and powerful life stories that Exalt the Savior, Encourage the Saints and Evangelizes the Sinner desiring to build God's Kingdom not his. Frank has a God given gift to "dial in" to those disconnected from God and hung up in life. He is an evangelist and encourager and ideal for students, singles and Sunday services speaking over 200 dates per year at various venues.


  1. Virginia July 25, 2017 at 11:57 am - Reply

    Frank, thank you for your outstanding words for millions!!! Words of encouragement and never give up! You are the Best!!!

  2. Mary July 25, 2017 at 11:58 am - Reply

    We sure did miss you last week at the Potomac Park Assembly of God camp in WV. Several said to tell you hi! We love your preaching and hope to hear you soon again.

  3. Linda July 25, 2017 at 11:59 am - Reply

    Rev. Shelton – I saw you preach last year at the tent revival in Alabama. Are you coming back to our state anytime? We will gladly come see you. I pray for you daily. God bless you and your family

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